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Singapore Astronomy Olympiad

The Singapore Astronomy Olympiad (SAO) is modelled after the International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics (IOAA), which Singapore has participated in since 2007. The SAO is largely academic in nature and participants are graded on individual merit. A strong performance in the SAO qualifies students to participate in that year’s IOAA.

In addition to this, the SAO aims to promote an interest in astronomy and astrophysics, in particular recent developments in these fields.

The SAO currently has no affiliation to other programmes which participants may be aware of, such as the International Astronomy Olympiad, International Space Olympiad, etc.

Details of the upcoming SAO are as follows.

7th SAO (2019)
Date: 23 Mar 2019, Saturday
Time: 12.30pm
Venue: Singapore University of Technology and Design
Registration deadline: 12 Mar 2019, 11.59pm; late registration is strictly not accepted, as papers will be sent for printing after the date. If there are no-shows on the actual day, you may be allowed in 10 minutes after the start of the SAO.
Participation fee: $10 per participant
(payable by bank transfer to Astronomy.SG)

Normal registration for the SAO has opened. For late registrants, please email sao [at] astronomy [dot] sg to indicate your interest.

Registration for the SAO is limited to students of local Secondary, Independent or post-Secondary/pre-University educational institutes (with a registered campus in Singapore). Full-time National Servicemen are not allowed to participate.

Award winners of the SAO are honoured in our Hall of Fame – check out the list below!

Hall of Fame

You may find the following resources useful in your preparation for the SAO and/or IOAA. The Organising Committee will keep this updated from time-to-time.


Message from the Organising Committee of the 7th SAO

7 Jun 2019

Congratulations to all participants of the 7th SAO 2019! The IOAA team has been selected and we wish them all the best in Hungary this year. We look forward to seeing you again next year! The paper for this year’s SAO can be found below:

(Annex A) Additional details of the SAO (Annex B) Syllabus of the SAO 7th SAO 2019 Question Paper

* * * * * * * * * * * *

13th International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics (IOAA)

Duration: 2-10 August 2019
Host country: Hungary
Team size: Up to 5 students
Selection process: Top performers in the SAO
Website: 13th IOAA (2019) @ Hungary
Websites of previous IOAAs: 12th IOAA (2018) @ Beijing, China
11th IOAA (2017) @ Phuket, Thailand
10th IOAA (2016) @ Bhubaneswar, India
Participation fee: TBC

For inquiries, please email sao [at] astronomy [dot] sg. Volunteer trainers (to host training in Singapore) are also welcome.

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