Astro Monthly

The long-awaited Astronomy newsletter is back with a bang! Astro Monthly will deliver all the latest happenings, know-how and essential trivia that every budding astronomer out there must know about.

Coincidentally, we live in a time where the field of astronomy intersects with paradigm refinements in our understanding of the universe. These shifts are thanks to the various cutting-edge experiments happening around (and outside of!) the globe, be it JWST, LISA, LUVOIR, IceCube or any other fancily named scientific undertaking. Take these experiments and cross them with exponentially powerful technological tools emerging almost every month — the result is an endless field of opportunities in every direction of astronomy. This goldmine is precisely what our newsletter series will seek to mine and distribute to our voracious readers. So, dive into Astro Monthly and journey through the stars!


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Astro Monthly | March 2024