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Passionate about Astronomy and want to make sure our students and public are educated in it? Join us!

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Be a Volunteer Member

By becoming a volunteer member, you join a vibrant community of Astronomy enthusiasts working toward raising awareness of Astronomy and its merits on a nationwide scale. Examples of activities you could volunteer for include:

  • Liaising with and bringing together all other Astronomy groups in Singapore
  • Organizing events which promote awareness in all aspects of Astronomy
  • Developing and compiling resources for people new to Astronomy
  • Giving introductory talks to schools
  • Helping out with observation sessions at schools, teaching students and the public about the skies
  • Designing material to improve science literacy through Astronomy

Time commitment: There will be periods of higher and lower activity, and the decision to help with any particular activity is up to you. You could help out from as little as 2 hours a month on a school outreach observation session, to as much as 3-5 hours per week planning for and organizing new events.

Requirements: There are no age / qualification / knowledge requirements. All we ask for is your enthusiasm! However, if you are under 18 years old, should seek parental consent.

To become a volunteer, please email

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Be an Associate Member

We are currently working on a paid membership scheme for those too busy to volunteer often, but who still wish to contribute to the Astronomy community in a meaningful way.

If you are interested in being notified when the Associate Membership scheme is up and running, drop us an email at

In the mean time, we always welcome donations to aid the running of events and to help compensate volunteers for food and transport!

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