Getting Started in Astronomy in Singapore

Are you new to Astronomy as a hobby or subject?  Looking for like-minded people to show you the ropes?  Here are some useful tips:

School Clubs

If you’re in secondary school, Junior College or Polytechnic, try to check if your school has an Astronomy club – that’s the easiest way to start with the least intimidating atmosphere.  You can also check out AstronomySG’s list of affiliated school clubs.  In school, everyone is your peer and you won’t be surrounded by people who’ve had 20+ years of experience who will already have their own social circle within the Astronomy community.  Learn as much as you can, meet people from other schools’ Astronomy clubs, and have fun!

Public Clubs

If you’re not yet in secondary school, or your school doesn’t have an Astronomy club, you can join one of the many public Astronomy clubs and stargazing sessions! Check out the full list of community astronomy clubs here. ┬áThe volunteers at all these clubs / societies are incredibly friendly and always willing to share tips about how to view the night sky, teach you how to use a telescope, and generally introduce you to the world of Observational Astronomy:

East – Marine Parade Astronomical Society
West – Science Centre Observatory
North – Galaxy Astronomy Club

These public clubs and societies are also good for adults just starting out in Astronomy, or parents who wish to bring their kids to check out the night sky (or for their Young Astronomer badges).  You will get hands-on telescope time and learn more about the Astronomy community in Singapore.

Once you are comfortable with the basics of navigating the night sky and handling a telescope, there are many more avenues you can explore:

  1. I am highly interested in astronomy and would love to know more about our universe. However, I am not a secondary student nor a Primary school student. My knowledge are mainly from books and the internet. Can I still join in this club and what book would you recommend if I wish to know know more about the Sun.

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