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rocketIYA2009 is a chance to shine a spotlight on Astronomy – a chance for those who love Astronomy to communicate their excitement to others. Everyone is welcomed, invited and encouraged to participate and/or organise their own activities that support IYA2009’s objectives.


astronautIf you will like to include your event under the Singapore IYA 2009 calendar, please send a description of your IYA2009 activity (and if applicable, time and place) and your contact information to our National Node, the Singapore Science Centre. No activity will be denied so long as the activity is legitimate and it jointly embraces and advances IYA2009’s common goals. You are encouraged to use the IYA2009 logo; please note that the logo is a trademark and that there are certain conditions attached to its use. The National Node will advise you on the rights of use when you send in your activity information.

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