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School Astronomy Clubs

School Clubs

Are you a student interested in Astronomy?  Check this list to see if your school has a club that you can join to learn more the subject!

Already in a club?  Meet fellow Astronomy-enthusiasts from other schools, make friends and organize activities together – the more the merrier!


Quizzes, Competitions & Contests


Check out these yearly inter-school competitions which range in format from buzzer-style quizzes to spacecraft engineering design and essay-writing!

No matter what your inclination, there is no doubt that participating in any of these contests will raise your awareness and appreciation for the rigours and beauty of Astronomy.




For those with a strong grasp of Astrophysics and various Data Analysis methods used in Astronomy, test your skill on the ultimate stage – an International Olympiad.

Anyone from secondary school to JC and Poly can try their hand at representing Singapore in one of 3 Olympiads each year in a battle of wits!

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