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NYP Astronomy Quiz

NYP Astronomy Quiz

The longest-running annual Astronomy competition in Singapore, the Nanyang Polytechnic Astronomy Quiz is held in March every year and tests students on a combination of Astronomy and Astrophysics trivia as well as conceptual knowledge of basic astrophysics. It is an excellent starting point for students interested in solidifying their Astronomy knowledge.


Singapore Space Challenge

Singapore Space Challenge

Organized by the Singapore Space and Technology Association, the Singapore Space Challenge is a project-based engineering competition, requiring students to propose engineering solutions to various space-related technologies. Those keen on engineering and design and less trivia-inclined will find this Challenge an eye-opening and educational endeavour!


RI-HCI Astrigue


Every year in April, the Astronomy Clubs of Raffles Institution and Hwa Chong Institution jointly organize Astrigue Convention and Challenge, a two-part program which first equips students with thenecessary background in Astronomy, then pits them in a competition of trivia and the application of conceptual knowledge. If you are new to Astronomy, this is a great way to learn more!


NUS-NTU Astrochallenge


One of the best-known annual Astronomy competition in Singapore, NUS-NTU Astrochallenge draws contestants from schools across the country. It is not only a fierce contest, but also the focal point of the school Astronomy community where you can socialize with members from all the schools’ clubs. If you are keen on building your knowledge and network in Astronomy, this is an event not to be missed.


Cassini Scientist for a Day

Cassini Scientist for a Day

Co-organized by Woodlands CC Youth Club and our very own Astronomy.SG team, this NASA-affiliated essay contest lets students experience first-hand the decision-making process behind doing real Mission Science. It not only tests students’ scientific reasoning, but also their writing and communication skills.

Winning entries are internationally recognised on NASA’s official website, and will get priority access to the subsequent Cassini Scientist for a Day video conference with Cassini scientists and engineers.

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