August 2021 updates


1. Global Space and Technology Convention 2022 (GSTC)

What is the Global Space and Technology Convention (GSTC)? 

The GSTC is a space and technology event about the latest technology news, the satellite scene, and updates about space technology. It is held by Singapore Space and Technology Limited annually.

When and where will this occur? 

It will occur between 8-10 February 2022 online, so you can attend right from your home!

Even though this event will only occur next year, it is an excellent opportunity for space enthusiasts to hone their knowledge on space-related technology. So do sign up early!

Where do I learn more and how do I sign up?

For more information and to register, visit the following website:

2. Perseid Meteor Shower

The Perseid meteor shower is one of the most prominent meteor showers of the year. This meteor shower arises when earth passes through the leftovers of the Comet Swift-Turtle. It is called the Perseid meteor shower as it appears to come from Perseus, one of the constellations in the night sky. Since the shower will seem to originate and radiate from Perseus, clearer streaks from the meteor shower will be visible when looking slightly away from it.

The area in the sky where the perseid meteor shower originates from

The meteor shower will be up in the night sky until 24th August. It will become less prominent after 14th August so do check it out when the skies are clear! Ensure you face north-east for the best possible view of the shower, preferably just after midnight to just before dawn.

Talks and Events

1. Science Centre Observatory and Digital Planetarium 

The Science Centre Observatory has been open since 2006 to the public. It is the most well known public observatory in Singapore, located in the Science Centre. Due to the COVID-19 safety measures, participants need to book for a valid ticket to be allowed during the stargazing sessions. There are limited slots for each date so book as soon as possible!

Fee: $14 (Omnitheatre and Stargazing)

Time: 7.45pm-10pm

Venue: Singapore Science Centre, near Jurong East MRT Station.

Find out more at:

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