A new beginning

Astronomy.SG has been in crisis for months now. The website has not been the priority since its revival in 2010. It has been a full decade since we done anything to this small slice of internet we exist. We will be doing a full revamp of the site inline with our new focus areas.

Into the digital future

We will be announcing the new Astronomy.SG with a focus in digital media. Our new content will be

  • Regular Updates on Astronomy Related Events
  • News on Space, Science and technology
  • General XKCD/WBW styled topic exploration

We will also be exploring new and improving our media lanes and eventually moving into video content. School clubs will still be on our priority as we believe our voices are louder together. However we also recognize the difference in goals and ambitions between clubs often causes friction. We will be looking into new ways of providing for the different clubs with customized forms of support.

Second fiddle

Events will now play second fiddle. Events are hella expensive and our previous model of hosting multiple events a year can really drain our budget. We will still be hosting our flagship events. We want each event to be special, give participants the magical sense of wonder. As such we will be scaling down the quantity of said events in hopes of drastically raising the quality.

Final Thoughts

Most people will probably not see this post as we plan to slowly populate the site with more articles before we officially launch it but I hope you join us on this journey.

psst we need writers

If you think you have what it takes send us an email at contact@astronomy.sg

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