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The Portal for Astronomy in Singapore

Astronomy.SG Released!

Took me about a week to get it completed, but it’s up for good now. Astronomy.SG is back — better, cooler and more time-wasting than ever before. If you’re not wasting your time by playing with the top banner which actually moves with your cursor, you can also check out the new features. There’s a…
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Shell Astro Challenge

The Challenge In 2009, Shell Singapore Youth Science Festival Committee is organising an exciting new activity called “Shell Astro Challenge” to complement the 2009 International Year of Astronomy. The following are the objectives of Shell Astro Challenge: to give people the opportunity to gain a basic understanding of Astronomy through sky-observing experiences and educational materials;…
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Moon Photo Competition

TASOS in collaboration with Science Centre Singapore launched the Moon Photo Competiton on 26th Feb 2009 in conjunction with Official Launch of IYA 2009.  There are many attractive prizes worth S$6,800.00 to be won. Objective: The Objective of this Competition is to promote astronomy and observation of our Moon through photography. This activity is jointly…
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RI-HCI Astrigue 2009

The Raffles Institution (Junior College) and Hwa Chong Institution (Junior College) Astronomy Clubs wish to invite your school to participate in Astrigue 2009. This is an astronomy-based event with the aim of promoting astronomy among secondary school students. Astrigue 2009 comprises of two events. There will be a one-day learning camp (Astrigue Convention 2009) on…
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AstroChallenge ’09

AstroChAllenge 2009 Astrochallenge is an annual competition aimed at fostering interest and awareness in Astronomy among the various schools and to raise awareness in Astronomy among the students. It is organised by Nanyang Technological University Astronomical Society (NTUAS), the National University of Singapore Astronomical Society (NUSAS) and Marine Parade Community Centre YEC Astronomical Society (MPASTRO).…
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Singapore Space Challenge 2009

Singapore Space Challenge returns for the second time. Aimed at inspiring space interests among the tertiary-education students and encourage participation in space related activities. Guidelines for the competition can be found here. Participating teams will have to register using this form. The Tech Briefing given on 27 Nov 2008 can be found here.