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31 May 2010

Hello visitor!

So here's what's happening. We're very sorry to inform you that Astronomy.SG has ceased its operations for good in the way that we all know it. We don't know if Astronomy.SG's going to return, but it'll be inactive for a while to come. We're very sorry for this, but we've decided that it's the best course of action.

After a year and a half online, Astronomy.SG has evolved from a very simple initiative to a full-fledged website that ran on pure passion and voluntary effort. It served a community we loved helping. With the onset of the International Year of Astronomy 2009, the site grew and it became a source of information for the public.

We were doing great and the response was hugely positive. We were invited to give talks by random groups which stumbled upon our site. We had a Straits Times journalist approaching us for an article on Astronomy. And we were even quoted as an official source by a news website. It was wonderful doing things that we really loved.

But it wasn't easy to maintain the site. The work of updating the website required immense labour. We found ourselves caught in the loop of mindlessly feeding new updates and information into the website to keep it relevant, without any incentive. Much of the local astronomy efforts are voluntary. And that makes it an incredible community with the truly passionate ones around. But something like Astronomy.SG wasn't going to survive like that.

So, in the end, our decision to pull out from the site was largely based on our inability to continue serving the same cause. On a personal level, we've greater ventures to pursue in the meantime. Astronomy.SG has a been a wonderful journey for us, and we hope that every reader has enjoyed themselves as much as we did.

Thank you all and good bye!

Clear skies!
Derek & Rong'en

P.S. Yet, there is be one particular page that will be updated: We strongly feel that participation in the Olympiads is a natural progression as the community's standard rises, and will therefore make an effort to encourage students to participate in the Olympiads. The least we can do is to provide a convenient site where all relevant information about the Olympiads is gathered for easy reference.

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