AstroFest 2010

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AstroFest 2010

Date: 15 May 2010
Venue: ACJC

The Anglo-Chinese Junior College Astronomy Society (ACAS) is organizing AstroFest 2010, a full day event on 15 May 2010, Saturday, on the college premises.




Astronomy Games

0945 - 1230


1230 - 1340

Astronomy Fair

1340 - 1640


1340 - 1640

Astronomy Symposium

1650 - 1750


1815 1915


1950 - 2200

Astronomy Games

Participants will be divided into teams from various schools and engage in astronomy related games that will enhance their knowledge and skills of astronomy.

Astronomy Fair

Each team is to set up a booth. The booth must display poster, and/or project set-ups. Flexibility and creativity are encouraged; therefore participants are allowed to showcase anything from educational posters to live demonstrations. Differing from last year, there will be Mini-Games during the fair to ensure that participants are totally engaged.


Weather permitting, there will be a star-gazing at the Science Centre Singapore. One-way transport is provided.

For more information, you may email acjcastrofest @ gmail . com (without the spaces).

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