Astrigue Convention

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Astrigue Convention

Date: 3 April 2010, Saturday
Time: 8am - 10pm
Venue: Hwa Chong Institution


0800-0900 Registration
0900-0950 Opening Ceremony
1000-1330 Activities
1330-1430 Lunch
1430-1800 Activities
1800-1900 Dinner and Exhibitions
1900-2000 Mass Lecture and Briefings
2000-2200 Mass Stargazing

Lecture Topics

History of Astronomy
Stellar Astronomy
The Sun
Celestial Mechanics and Telescopes
The Solar System
Water Rockets
Deep Sky Objects (Mass Lecture)


A mass stargazing event will be held after the Astrigue Convention. Supporting schools and institutions such as MPASTRO, AGASTRO, CJC, NJC and NYP will be bringing their telescopes to the Hwa Chong school field for a combined observation session.

Participants are strongly encouraged to attend the observation, which promises to be a large-scale, fun-filled event with at least 29 telescopes, 300 participants, and a concurrent exhibition with movie screenings and other activities. This will be the perfect opportunity to admire the beautiful night sky and interact with other astronomy enthusiasts.

Dinner will be provided for secondary school participants.

The overnight star-gazing session will be at the High School field from 7pm (3rd April) to 7am (4th April). Participants have to be attired in school-related T-shirt.

*New info*
The stargazing is open to the public, but they will have to register. More information, including the link to sign up for the mass stargazing, will be forthcoming. Please note that dinner will not be provided for members of the public unless they bring a telescope along.

The fee for attending the full-day convention is $10 per person, inclusive of meals and materials.For eligible students, it costs only $6 more to participate in the Astrigue Challenge as well. For the public, he overnight star-gazing is free, but dinner is only provided to those who arrive early to set up their telescopes.

For more information, please refer to If you have any queries, you may email astrigue2010 @ (without the spaces).

It is open to the public, but they will have to register (School safety issues). We will be posting up more information and the publicity poster on Singastro blog soon. We will also be sending you the link to sign up for the mass star gazing. But do note that dinner will not be provided for members of the public going for the star gazing, unless they bring a scope along.

2 Responses

  1. Erickson says:

    By the way, is the mass stargazing event open for JC students (public)?

  2. Rong'en says:

    Yes. Please see updated information in red above.

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