Astronomy.SG Newsletter for October 2009 is here!

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Astronomy.SG Newsletter for October 2009 is here!

Astronomy.SG Newsletter for October 2009 is here!

Hi everyone!

Well, last month's newsletter didn't make it for distribution. Oops. I'm sincerely sorry for that and I'll try to make sure it doesn't happen again.

For this month, the activities kickstart with some interesting events over at Science Centre Singapore. There's the IYA2009 Mid-Autumn Nite on 2nd Oct (Friday), where you can bring your friends & family for a magical night out, basking in the warm glow of lanterns & discovering the enchanting night sky! It's free admission as well, and there are many activities such as a Lantern Walk (with free lanterns!), stargazing at the Observatory, free mooncakes, 3D planeterium making, movie screenings and a couple other things. Definitely a very eventful night, so do check it out! More information over at

Also, supposedly, the prize presentation ceremony for the Moon Photo Competition ( is scheduled on the same day, 2nd Oct (Friday), but I don't have much information to verify that since I'm not a participant. But I guess there's no harm wishing all participants good luck for their entries!

Once again, the Punggai Astronomy Trip ( is back! This time, the Orionids Meteor Shower is factored into the stargazing trip, which is an added bonus. The trip is from 23rd Oct to 25th Oct, Friday to Sunday, and will set you back S$130. Limited spaces available (about 20), so do hurry and sign up if you're interested. The closing date for registration is 15th Oct. Please contact Carole at for more information or to register.

MPASTRO is also organising Galilean Nights 2009 (, in conjunction with the IYA2009 cornerstone project of the same name. Also riding along the beauty of the Orionids Meteor Shower, this event will be held at Marina Barrage on 24th Oct 2009. It's an overnight activity, so hopefully that gives us a good opportunity to catch some Orionids meteors and fireballs after midnight. Not much information is out for now, so do keep a lookout for updates over here, or contact MPASTRO directly at

There will be a star-gazing at Tiong Bahru Park on 24th Oct (Saturday), 7:30pm - 10pm. It's the SingAstro Sidewalk Astronomy which has been going on for some months, organised by very passionate individuals of the organisation. Do check it out! More information over at and

I think that pretty much sums up the activities for this month! You may find additional events listed on the calendar over at the Astronomy.SG website, but we cannot confirm the status and validity of the events, so do find out more before attending them. Other than that, have a good month of Astronomy!

Clear skies!


Disclaimer: Efforts have been made to ensure that all information is correct as at the time of publishing of the newsletter; however the author(s) of this newsletter bear no responsibility for the accuracy of the announcements.


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