Newsletter for July 2009 is here!

The Portal for Astronomy in Singapore Newsletter for July 2009 is here! Newsletter for July 2009 is here!

Hi everyone!

July's here, and that means that the competition season is over. If you have missed them, you can always view the photos of the competitions at Photos from Astrigue, AstroFest and the recent AstroChallenge are all up! For those who were present, exciting, weren't they?

Perhaps the Shell Astro Challenge is also worth the mention, being an entirely new competition to the community. Organised by Science Centre Singapore, the Shell Astro Challenge recorded 12,393 people viewing through telescopes across 14 schools for the event. Christ Church Secondary emerged the Champions in both prize categories of the competition. All participating schools will receive a Galileoscope telescope as a token during the upcoming prize presentation ceremony.

Still, in conjunction with the International Year of Astronomy, there is one more competition - the Moon Photo Competition. Jointly organised by The Astronomical Society of Singapore (TASOS) and the Singapore Science Centre, there are a total of $6,800 worth of prizes to be won! There are 4 categories for the competition - no prizes for guessing which: Crescent Moon, Quarter Moon, Gibbous Moon and Full Moon. (Incidentally, how many of you guessed New Moon as one of the categories?) Anyway, for more details, please visit

If you're itching for a stargazing session, there's one by MPAstro on 25 July (Saturday). More details can be found at Or there's also the weekly Observatory session at Science Centre Singapore.

We also would like to recommend Martin's website: He has set up a local website, complete with a blog, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to complement each other. It is a very informative and cool site about the solar eclipse that will happen on 22 July. This eclipse is very special, for it is the longest total solar eclipse that will occur in the 21st century, not to be eclipsed (pun unintended) till the year 2132. His website will also feature a live stream of the eclipse taking from Wuhan. Do join his facebook! Alternatively, you can follow him at, or nstopper.

I suppose there are fewer events in July than previous months, but that should be taken as a sign that we should organise more! Or for some of us, we could take this opportunity to look back at we has happened, and reflect and improve on them. Whatever it is, we will work for the betterment of astronomy in Singapore.

Rong'en and Derek


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