Newsletter for June 2009 is here!

The Portal for Astronomy in Singapore Newsletter for June 2009 is here! Newsletter for June 2009 is here!

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to another edition of the newsletter. Indeed, we are welcoming the highly-anticipated AstroChallenge '09! Initially organised by NUS & NTU, MP Astro has joined in, making this year's competition much more interesting.

The second day of the AstroChallenge is meant for the public as well: there's a cosplay that is part of the competition; a movie screening; a talk "What's up in the Sky Tongiht?" by a TASOS member; a talk "To Boldy Go Where No Astronomer Has Gone Before" by Star Trek fans (any Trekkies here?); followed by a star-gazing at East Coast Park. All of you are welcome to participate in these events! Please refer to the poster below for more details of the events, or visit here.

AstroChallenge 09 Publicity Poster

There's also the regular overseas star-gazing trip to Punggai, from 26 Jun - 28 Jun. You can contact Carole at for more details or bookings, or visit here.

And not to forget, there's also Camp AstrOrdinary 2009 organised by MP Astro.

AstrOrdinarycamp 2009

A one-day overnight camp to Pulau Ubin for stargazing doesn't come that often, so this one's definitely an eye-opener. What's more, there's is a promotion for early birds: All bumboat ride and bicycles are sponsored for the first 24 campers to sign up!

So do hurry and make your registrations by emailing, or find out more information over here.

Clear Skies!
Rong'en and Derek


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