Astronomy.SG Newsletter for April 2009 is here!

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Astronomy.SG Newsletter for April 2009 is here!

Astronomy.SG Newsletter for April 2009 is here!


Well, it's time for another update for the month's upcoming events and deadlines! I don't exactly enjoy doing this everytime, but I do make it a point to sound like I do. Something like how we guys serve National Service.

And on another note -- this will probably be the last newsletter I'm compiling for a while. I'm enlisting for conscription this month, so I'll be working for the government for a salary even lower than a McDonald's cleaner's.

But not too worry. Rong'en will take over, or at least I hope he does. He will continue updating the website regularly with an exhaustive list of events and send out this newsletter once a month, so Astronomy.SG isn't dead yet.

So What do We have for This Month?

7 news for April 2009

Astronomy.SG v2.0 Released!
New website, new design, new features and new objectives.

RI-HCI Astrigue 2009
Back with its Convention and Challenge, the year's second inter-school Astronomy competition will span over the month.

ACJC AstroFest 2009 Registration
In its third year and always full of surprises, AstroFest returns. Coming up in May, but registration will end this month.

Shell Astro Challenge Registration
An entirely new competition organised by Science Centre Singapore, Shell Astro Challenge will embark on a nationwide socio-educational event that aims to reach as many people new to Astronomy as possible. Registration ends this month, so don't wait.

Lyrids Star Party
Known for the lack of the meteors and having fun activities, the Lyrids Star Party returns. Did I just say that?

Talks by TASOS
Two talks at the Science Centre by TASOS, so don't be afraid to hop in.

More Details? Here you go.

Astronomy.SG V2.0 Released!

Took me about a week to get it completed, but it's up for good now. Astronomy.SG is back -- better, cooler and more time-wasting than ever before.

If you're not wasting your time by playing with the top banner which actually moves with your cursor, you can also check out the new features.

There's a Photo Gallery that's growing, and will become an extensive gallery featuring photos from ALL Astronomy events. We seek your help to obtain the photos!

And then there's a new Store that actually sells things cheaply. How cool is that?

Of course, you would also notice little Twitter updates in the small box hanging from the top.

In the future, we will organise events. It won't be simply another star party of competition -- We hope to bring you cheap overseas expeditions and even international Olympiads.

And finally, I'm developing Astronomy.SG into a proper organisation/society/business/mafia/whatever, because I alone cannot support the whole website myself. I'm in the process of contacting organisations and businesses for partnerships, and have actually linked up with a good few already. Can't release more details about our super secretive non-existent plans yet.

Go poke around at the Astronomy.SG website right now and enjoy the new design. It's pretty cool and neat, at least in my opinion.

One of the main reasons why I had a redesign was because the old design was not compatible with Internet Explorer 6, and over 40% of the visitors to the website still uses IE6! However, even with the new design, the website is STILL not compatible with IE6. For your own sake, IE6, UPDATE YOUR WEB BROWSER.

For more information, please visit the main link @

RI-HCI Astrigue 2009

The Raffles Institution (Junior College) and Hwa Chong Institution (Junior College) Astronomy Clubs wish to invite your school to participate in Astrigue 2009. This is an astronomy-based event with the aim of promoting astronomy among secondary school students. Astrigue 2009 comprises of two events. There will be a one-day learning camp (Astrigue Convention 2009) on 4th April 2009 held at Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) and a two-day inter-school...

Read the rest of RI-HCI Astrigue 2009

ACJC AstroFest 2009 Registration

The ACJC Astronomy Society will be organising AstroFest 2009. We cordially invite your school to participate in this event, which will be held on the following two days: 23 May 2009 (Sat) from 1pm - 6pm (Registration starts at 1pm in ACJC lobby), 30 May 2009 (Sat) from 1pm - 10pm. This is an annual event aimed at bringing together Astronomy enthusiasts from various institutions to share their experiences and learn from each other, and...

Read the rest of ACJC AstroFest 2009 Registration

Shell Astro Challenge Registration

In 2009, Shell Singapore Youth Science Festival Committee is organising an exciting new activity called “Shell Astro Challenge” to complement the 2009 International Year of Astronomy. The following are the objectives of Shell Astro Challenge: to give people the opportunity to gain a basic understanding of Astronomy through sky-observing experiences and educational materials; and to provide an avenue to connect amateur astronomers, educators and professionals through these activities...

Read the rest of Shell Astro Challenge Registration

Lyrids Star Party


Learn about meteors and make new friends! Start Time: Saturday, April 18 at 8:00pm (Overnight). Where: Day activity @ Republic Polytechnic, Night activity @ The Field at East Coast Park Area D (near to CP D1). Event Fee: Free Admission. For enquiry, please drop a email to OR contact our event coordinator at 97720230...

Read the rest of Lyrid Star Party

Talks by TASOS

The Astronomical Society of Singapore (TASOS) will be giving talks at the Singapore Science Centre's Observatory on the following dates: Dates: 16 Jan 09, 20 Feb 09, 10 Apr 09, 17 Apr 09 and more dates to be announced. Time: 7.30pm - 9.00pm. Venue: The Observatory (at the Omni-Theatre building). Please also visit the TASOS website for more details...

Read the rest of Talks by TASOS

Yup, that should be all.

Clear skies!


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