Newsletter for March 2009 is here!

The Portal for Astronomy in Singapore Newsletter for March 2009 is here!

Hello again!

Okay I'll admit that I entirely forgot about sending this out, so it's my bad that it's one week late. Still slightly useful anyway!

Just a couple of new events for this month. For more information, please visit

12th NYP Astronomy Competition 2009

Perhaps the oldest and longest running Astronomy quiz today, the NYP Astronomy Quiz has always been very popular among all schools. This year, it'll fall on Friday the 13th. Oops.

Date: 13th March 2009, Friday

Time: 12.30pm - 8.00pm

Venue: Theatre for the Arts

Special Lecture: A/Prof. Chung Keng Yeow (Physics Department, NUS)

You may contact them at 6550-0522 for more information. Audience and supporters are allowed. There will also be a Final round competition among the top 5 teams on stage, so don't miss out!

And finally for those taking part, good luck!

Please visit the main link @

Talk by Dr Cheong Kham Kow

There will be a special IYA talk by Dr Cheong Kham Kow on Observatory Night Friday, 13 March 2009 @ 8:15pm @ Observatory Classroom (behind Sakura Restaurant at OmniTheatre).

Just some information:

Why are people interested in the Direction of the Sun?  – The Use of Astronomy in Modern Living

Does the Sun always rise in the east and set in the west? With their knowledge on apparent annual motion of the Sun, how did our ancestors use it beneficially? How could we use the same knowledge in modern living? A home owner may want to consider a design that boasts of magnificent views of sunrises and sunsets while avoiding the heat.

For this event, please register directly to Mrs Anne Dhanaraj.

Please visit the main link @

Pavilion Star Party

For singles 20 to 35, making new friends under the stars!

Start Time: Saturday, March 14 at 6:45pm
End Time: Saturday, March 14 at 11:00pm

Where: Bougainvillea Garden at East Coast Park (gather at Marine Parade CC)

Event Fee:
$10 for Passion Card Holder
$15 for Non-Passion Card Holder

Event Coordinator: Mr Zeng Jiayi

The Marine Parade CC YEC Astronomical Society will be organising Pavilion Star Party targeted at singles to meet and mingle. It is supported by Marine Parade Family Life Champion (FLC) and Marine Parade CC Youth Group (YEC). The participants will get to know one another better through speed dating, interactive crossword puzzle game and romantic star gazing session.

For more information, log in to facebook:

For enquiry, please drop a email to OR contact the event coordinator at 97414952

Please visit the main link @

Earth Hour Star Party

Can anything be done about light pollution? How can all of the misdirected and excessive lighting that causes so much sky glow be avoided?

Most press coverage and magazine articles present light pollution mainly as an astronomy problem, emphasizing that sky glow prevents observing the starry night sky. Many amateur astronomers feel that the key to solving the problem is this kind of awareness - and that’s how to get it fixed. **Earth Hour Star Party**

For Everyone, learn about light pollution and astronomy under the stars at East Coast!

Date: 28th March 2009
Time: 2030 Hrs - Overnight
Action: Turn off the Lights from 2030 to 2130
(or more if you want)

Where: Field beside the Siglap Canal at East Coast Park (near to CP D1)

Event Fee:
Free Admission

Everyone is encouraged to bring their telescopes!

For enquiry, please drop a email to OR contact the event coordinator at 97720230

Please visit the main link @

Clear skies!


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