Astro Bargains’ Deals of the Month: November 2009

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Astro Bargains’ Deals of the Month: November 2009

Meade DSI Pro with RGB filters - S$339!

dsi pro w rgb

The Deep Sky Imager PRO is 2.3 times more sensitive and has 4 times the resolution of the color Deep Sky Imager. It is a high-performance, easy-to-use monochrome CCD camera that allows every astronomer to shoot and process stunning deep sky photographs of galaxies, nebulae, star clusters and planets. This CCD camera is designed with the intermediate to advanced amateur astrophotographer in mind. Includes the high quality RGB filter set to  produce stunning RGB and LRGB images.

Galileoscope - S$69!


The Galileoscope is a high-quality, low-cost telescope kit developed for the International Year of Astronomy 2009 by a team of leading astronomers, optical engineers, and science educators. No matter where you live, with this easy-to-assemble, 50-mm (2-inch) diameter, 25- to 50-power achromatic refractor, you can see the celestial wonders that Galileo Galilei first glimpsed 400 years ago and that still delight stargazers today. These include lunar craters and mountains, four moons circling Jupiter, the phases of Venus, Saturn's rings, and countless stars invisible to the unaided eye.

Bosma Omega MC 6" f/12 Rumak Mak Cass OTA - S$999!

Bosma Omega MC 6

Very robustly built OTA with 150mm aperture and 1800mm focal length for detailed views of lunar and planetary objects. Weighing 7kg and 56cm in length, it includes the OTA, 7X50 Finderscope, 2"/1.25" compression ring eyepiece adapter, and an SCT adapter. Introductory pricing includes complimentary dewshield (a S$59 value).

To purchase, please send an email to, or send a fax to +65-6462-5313, with the item you are interested in and your contact information.

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