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Camp Genesis

Camp Genesis

Date: 13th March (Saturday)
Time: 10am- 9pm
Venue: Marine Parade Community Centre
Cost: $8 per person (inclusive of all materials)
Lunch and Dinner would be provided

Genesis serves as a platform for youths to explore the heavens with telescopes and experience the joy of fellowship with amateur astronomers from various schools. In this workshop, participants will get to know and interact with student amateur astronomers, learn to operate telescopes, and learn about the universe itself.

This workshop allows youths to experience astronomy in a fun way during the day time with exciting activities. A participant does not need to have a prior background in astronomy to join this workshop.

Brief Itinerary

Morning: Astronomy talk 1

Afternoon: Lunch, telescope viewing of the sun, practical astronomy using starcharts, astronomy talk 2, games such as comet making, documentary screening

Evening: Dinner, telescope viewing of the night sky

If interested, please email

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  1. Lok Man says:


    I would like know more about the details of the camp e.g. place, fee, timer etc and method to apply. Where can i find out more about the camp?



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