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MPASTRO will be conducting free classes on the following dates:
20 Nov, 28 Nov, 4 Dec, 15 Dec, 22 Dec and 29 Dec

The class timing is from 7:30pm - 9:30pm except for class on 28 Nov.
Students who are in Primary 5, 6 and Seconday 1 to 5 are eligible to participate.
Please send your enquiry to

About School Outreach Astronomy Programs (S.O.A.P)

S.O.A.P is a non-profit Astronomy outreach programme organize by Marine Parade CC YEC Astronomical Society (MPASTRO), where workshops and weekly classes will be conducted for all secondary school students with a keen interest in Astronomy. The workshops and classes (can be conducted at individual participating secondary schools) consist of educational talks, interactive discussions and games, including a telescope viewing session where students will have a first-hand experience of looking through the telescope for sky observations, as well as learning how to operate a telescope. The workshops will be using problem-based learning (PBL) teaching and learning approach in order to improve students’ learning experience in the subject of Astronomy rather then the traditional lecture-tutorial approach.

PBL is a revolutionary and radical teaching approach. It is completely different from the traditional lecture-tutorial approach as there is a shift of power from the “expert teacher” to the “student learner”.

S.O.A.P is an initiative by MPASTRO to enrich students in Astronomy and serves as a platform to broaden their exposure to various aspects of the field (in astronomy) ranging from geography to sciences like chemistry and physics. More importantly, we hopes to ignite in the students a life-long passion for Astronomy, and to maximize the potential of every individual by creating a culture of lifelong learning and to instil the ability in each learner the ability to reason.

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  2. […] Project SOAP Acronym for the School Outreach Astronomy Programs (SOAP), I think it’s quite self-explanatory. […]

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