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Moon Photo Competition

TASOS in collaboration with Science Centre Singapore launched the Moon Photo Competiton on 26th Feb 2009 in conjunction with Official Launch of IYA 2009.  There are many attractive prizes worth S$6,800.00 to be won.


The Objective of this Competition is to promote astronomy and observation of our Moon through photography. This activity is jointly organised by The Astronomical Society of Singapore (TASOS) and Science Centre Singapore in support of the International Year of Astronomy 2009 (IYA2009).


This competition is open to all persons above 7 years of age and who are residing in Singapore.

Guidelines for Moon Photo Competition:

Photographs submitted must be in print form and either in 8R or Super 8R format. Judging will be based on the merit of the printed photograph. In addition, for the purpose of verifying authenticity, each photograph must be accompanied by:

a) digital image file saved on a CD-ROM (labeled with the photographer’s name, NRIC, contact number and title of images). The digital image should have a resolution of at least 6 Mega-pixels (jpg or tiff) or higher. OR

b) the respective negative/slide in the case of photograph taken with film camera.

Photographs are to be in colour and must be original and unpublished. No digital processing, manipulation or enhancement is allowed except for lighting and exposure compensation.

Every submitted photograph must have a completed entry form pasted behind it.

All photographs of the moon submitted for the competition must be taken in Singapore during the competition period from 26 February to 31 July 2009.. 10. A total of 8 prizes comprising 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5 consolation prizes will be awarded for each of the 4 competition categories, i.e. Crescent Moon, Quarter Moon, Gibbous Moon and Full Moon, as shown:

1st Prize - S$800.00 worth of prizes
2nd Prize - S$400.00 worth of prizes
3rd Prize- S$250.00 worth of prizes
5 Consolation Prizes - S$50.00 each worth of prizes

Each participant may submit a maximum of 2 photographs
per category.

All photographs submitted must show the respective Moon phase in its entirety. Close-up shots showing just a particular spot of the moon will be disqualified.

All photographs, CDs, slides and negatives submitted will not be returned. In addition, the organisers reserve the rights to use, distribute, modify, post, transmit and display these documents without any compensation to the photographers.

All entries must be submitted before the closing date on 31st July 2009.

The prize presentation ceremony is scheduled for 2 October 2009.

Please download the Entry Form, which also contains the rules and regulations, from here.

Albert Tan, a committee member of TASOS, has also written an article about photographing the moon. You may download it from here.

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