Astronomical Visualisation Showcase

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Astronomical Visualisation Showcase

Date: 20 May 2009

Time & Location: 7pm at Newton Room

Asst Prof Philip Fu Chi Wing, Nanyang Technological University

This cafe will present the application of 3D computer graphics techniques to the visualisation of astronomical data, including some brief historical and scientific background. The main body of the presentation will showcase some of our recent demonstration systems for exploring astronomical data. Examples will include methods for scale-insensitive navigation of the entire Universe, with scales ranging from the Earth to the Milky Way to the entire visible Universe, display and exploration of uncertainty in common astrophysical data sets, and advanced volume-visualization methods for viewing and analyzing multi-wavelength all-sky data. No technical knowledge of the underlying 3D graphics details (such as GPU methods) is required, as our goal will be to focus on the techniques we have developed to support the scientific goals of astronomy with the tools of scientific visualization. Some of our work, (eg multispectral visualization, large-scale error visualization, etc) can be found at

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