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Punggai Astronomy Trips 2009

Dear Astro Colleagues,

Every Semester, we join short weekend (Friday night to sun morning) astronomy trip to Johor (Punggai).

I have been informed of the following dates below. 5 students shares a clean aircon Chalet at S$130 /- (Chalet/meals/transport).

From our past experiences, the food and beautiful dark sky are great … also nice beach.

If you are interested please email to Carole (yenaw@pacific.net.sg) or Mr Au (auasoc@singnet.com.sg).

Look forward to meet you all at the 1st Punggai trip Feb 2009 : 20/02/09 to 22/02/09.
Best Regards, Phil

Punggai Astronomy Trip
Monthly Date
Feb 2009 20/02/09 to 22/02/09
Mar 2009 27/03/09 to 29/03/09
Apr 2009 24/04/09 to 26/04/09
May 2009 22/05/09 to 24/05/09 (Cancelled)
Aug 2009 14/08/09 to 16/08/09
Sept 2009 21/09/09 to 23/09/09


  • $130 per person
  • And per chalet have one queen bed/one single bed and two mattress.

Additional trip in June:


This coming June 09, we having Punggai trip. Limited to 50people..

Date: 26/6 to 28/6

If you leave on Friday morning  to Sunday- S$150.00per person

Or If you leave on Friday night to Sunday – S$130.00per pseron

All above price included: Room(5person per chalet/All meals and

Transport from Singapore to Dunggai(12 seater van)

Closing Date : 8/6/09

Pls email to me at yenaw@pacific.net.sg

Thank you


Additional trips in August:

Hi All,

This Aug 14/8 to 16/8/09 or 21/8 to 23/09 the Punggai trip is back.

The cost is S$130.00per person for 2 days 2 nights

WE leave on Friday(8pm) to Sunday moring..

Included Foods/chalet(5 sharing)/transport.

Closing date : 1/8/09 – limited to 50people..

Website: http://www.yen-sky.blogspot.com

Thank you


Additional trip in September:

Hi all,

This Sept 2009 we have Astronomy Trip again
Date: 25/9/09 to 27/9/09 (18/9/09 - 20/9/09) (25/9/09 to 27/9/09)
Place : Chalet ' Punggai- Johor
Pick up time : 8pm(Firday nite-25/9 )
Closing date : 1/9/2009
Interest , pls email to me at yenaw@pacific.net
Additional trip in December to watch the Geminids meteor shower:

I have group of peoples going to Punggai this Dec 12 to 14(sat to Monday) for the Geminid Shower. Interest people , pls email me at yenaw@pacific.net.sg -
Closing date:30/11/09

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