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AstroChallenge ’09


AstroChAllenge 2009

Astrochallenge is an annual competition aimed at fostering interest and awareness in Astronomy among the various schools and to raise awareness in Astronomy among the students.

It is organised by Nanyang Technological University Astronomical Society (NTUAS), the National University of Singapore Astronomical Society (NUSAS) and Marine Parade Community Centre YEC Astronomical Society (MPASTRO).

The competition was jointly organised by NTUAS and NUSAS since 2003, and last year, MPASTRO joined in co-organising this competition. This year’s competition will be held in NTU on 12 June, MPCC on 13 June and NUS on 15 June. (Venue might subject to changes at a later date).

For this competition, there are 3 categories - the Newcomers’, Junior and Senior category. The Newcomers’ category is for schools who have never joined AstroChallenge before, or students who are beginners in Astronomy to participate.

More post-registration information can be found here in this letter sent out to participating schools.

Please refer to the appendices below for more details on AstroChallenge '09:

Appendix 1: Schedule of events
Appendix 2: Detailed information on rounds
Appendices 3-4: Project round details & declaration form
Appendix 5: Maps
Appendix 6: Indemnity form

The public is invited to attend AstroChallenge on 13 June, Saturday, at Marine Parade CC & East Coast Park.

AstroChallenge 09 Publicity Poster

For more information, please check out their website at

All information on this event is accurate as of 31 May 2009.

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  1. […] The second day of the AstroChallenge is meant for the public as well: there’s a cosplay that is part of the competition; a movie screening; a talk “What’s up in the Sky Tongiht?” by a TASOS member; a talk “To Boldy Go Where No Astronomer Has Gone Before” by Star Trek fans (any Trekkies here?); followed by a star-gazing at East Coast Park. All of you are welcome to participate in these events! Please refer to the poster below for more details of the events, or visit here. […]

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