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Talk & Stargazing @ NUS

In conjunction with the NUS Faculty of Science 80th Anniversary and The International Year of Astronomy 2009, enjoy a one-night-only stargazing evening. Open the Jewel Box of the Southern Cross and journey along our Milky Way. Look Taurus in the eye and marvel at the beautiful Pleiades and Orion Nebulae. Survey lunar craters to see if there really is a Man on the moon. Learn about astronomy from our friendly experts and listen to starry legends from Greek, Indian and Chinese mythologies. Amid the serendipity of the activities, pen your own poem and stand to win attractive prizes!

There will be a pre-event talk by world-renowned physicist Professor Jocelyn Bell at 6pm at LT27.

Free Admission
No Max Capacity for stargazing session 7.30pm - 12am
Capacity for pre-event talk (6pm) in LT27 for Prof J. Bell's Lecture is 600 seats

Hurry register now @



This is the time of the year to book the field for star gazing for our 2 modules (GEK 1508 and GEK1520) for next Sem. 2.

Could you help us to book the following dates ?


3) Saturday, 28th Feb 2009   (already booked previously for the Astronomy-Poetry event: FOS 80th Anniversary Celebration)

GOH : Prof Jocelyn Bell ... she will be giving a Talk and reading her poetry works


Many thanks again and best regards,


Dear Astro Colleagues,

Let us have a time of fun star gazing together in NUS 2009 !

Following up from our previous email for the above Stargazing event in NUS: Saturday, 28th Feb 2009
Pls register at

This event is in Celebration of the 80th Anniversary of NUS's Faculty of Science and NUS Center for the Arts: Astronomy & Poetry.

Pls register early for our logistics consideration soon. Prizes will be awarded for Poetry entries from students.

More instructions are given below for school/JC/polytechnic group registrations.

Best Regards, Phil

With regards to the registration, we have yet to create the online registration system to cater to the school bookings (the current system is built on a per person basis). However, in the meantime, we will process school bookings manually. You can refer the school astro groups to our registration page. or simply give them the following instructions:

For School / Group Bookings above 10 pax, please email us at with the following details.
- Name of School/Junior College / Polytechnic/ University
- Name of contact person (teacher's name) and contact phone
- Number of teachers/lecturers ?
- Number of students ? (Note: Not more than 50 including teachers for each school)
- Number of telescopes ? (Note: Equipment are to be set up at football field by 3pm)
- Number of binoculars ?
- Please indicate if you are attending both Pre-event talk and/or Main Star Gazing Session

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