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What is Astronomy.SG?

Astronomy.SG is an information hub for astronomy in Singapore, and we facilitate astronomy education through our activities.

Today, Astronomy interest groups and events are still thriving in Singapore, but not everyone who’s just starting out knows where to look.  Whether your interests lie in star watching, telescopes, astrophysics, planetary science or satellite engineering, we strive to be the one-stop hub for all things Astronomy in Singapore.

Current Exco (2018-2019)

Bharathkumar Sriram

Bharathkumar Sriram, President

Sriram is an alumni from Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), where he first joined the ACStronomy when he was in Secondary 1. Years later, Sriram continues to be heavily involved in Astronomy, organizing various training sessions and activities for both his school and inter-school events. In his free time, Sriram involves himself in a plethora of activities, including reading up on current events, politics, science fiction novels and dabbling into poetry. Sriram served as the president of ACStronomy club from 2016 – 2017, and looks forward to spreading the love and passion for Astronomy as the Vice-President of Astronomy.SG

Dejoy Shastikk

Dejoy Shastikk, Vice-President

Shastikk is a Year 6 student from NUS High, where he has been a member of their Astronomy club for the past five years, serving as the Vice President in 2017. Having spent his childhood dreaming of serving as an astronaut (while conveniently ignoring the legal realities of citizenship that make that most likely possible), Shastikk is particularly passionate about improving public awareness of astronomy. In his free time, he (while trying really hard to graduate) involves himself with current affairs activities, politics and music.

Wong Yang Cheng, Treasurer

Yang Cheng is a Raffles Student WHO is smart


Derek Low, Founder

Derek founded Astronomy.SG in 2009 as a project for the International Year of Astronomy. A 10-time champion in local Astronomy competitions, he represented Singapore at the International Olympiad of Astrophysics and Astronomy in 2007. He has previously worked as a web designer, educator and chemical & bomb defence specialist. He studied at UC Berkeley, where he majored in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

You may know him as the creator of the Berkeley Ridiculously Automated Dorm which became a viral YouTube hit with more than 1.8 million views. This earned him the title of “one of the 9 Most Poachable College Students in Tech” by Business Insider in 2011. In his free time, Derek enjoys adventure travel and has been to more than 45 countries, prompting him to apply his technical skills to change the way people travel.

Wei Lin
Tan Wei Lin, Advisor

Wei Lin had her first brush with Space Exploration when she participated in NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover mission in 2004 as part of The Planetary Society’s Student Astronaut Program. She went on to coordinate the International Year of Astronomy June Holiday camps at the Science Centre in 2009, together with Astronomy clubs from various JCs and secondary schools. She gained her MSc from Stanford University in 2012 and BSc in Chemistry and Geology from Brown University in 2011. She is now a Material Science PhD student at Caltech, living the Big Bang theory life.
Wei Lin is a strong proponent of Science education and was a teaching assistant in Astronomy and Geology, while also leading the Women in Science and Engineering program in Brown University. Her dream is to create a children’s TV series about Science.

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